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Wednesday - Sleaford
Thursday - Bracebridge Heath (new venue)
Friday - Ancaster

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Future Events

Sunday 8th February 2015
Nottingham Red Belt Rumble

Sunday 26th April 2015
Cobra JudoClub Reb Belt Rumble

Sunday 7th June 2015
Nottingham U12 and U16 Open




Welcome to Lincoln Judo Acacdemy

Lincoln Judo Academy now have clubs in Branston, Sleaford and Ancaster.

The translation of Judo is 'The Gentle Way'. Judo is an excellent sport for everyone, incorporating skill, speed, technique, stamina, strength, fitness and discipline. It also builds self-confidence as well as developing self-respect.

We aim to introduce Judo to children and adults of all ages and abilities in a fun and dynamic way, offering all our members different avenues of opportunity.
Our classes are structured to deliver safe and effective Judo skills. We aim to improve self confidence, introduce you to new people and provide a level of physical activity that we hope will positively influence other areas of your lives.

Our staff are very professional and are CRB checked and first aid trained. Our coach has represented Great Britain and has been 3 x British Champion together with representing Great Britain in Freestyle Amateur Wrestling to become a European Silver medallist.

Your first class is free and you can borrow a Judo jacket until you are able to purchase a full suit.

For further information please contact us via the website.

Judo Throw Barry Cooper and Ashley McKenzie Judo Throw